by Cheryl Ferris

July 18,2015

It is a time for new beginnings. My husband, Mark, and I have traveled through 5 states in the last week moving our son to Waco, Texas where he will start grad school. My website has sat pretty empty over the years mostly because I am too busy to do much about it. But it's time for a change.  My goal is to use this to show the quilts that I'm working on. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for quilts of your own.

During our travels this week I have made some stops at different quilt stores that are involved with Row x Row. My goal is to make a quilt with at least one row from each state. It is amazing to me how much each quilt store is different. There is one though that took my breath away. Everywhere you look was bolts of fabric piled up everywhere.  The owner knows exactly where everything is. I'm keeping this store on my speed dial because if I run out of fabric, I will be calling her to see if she still has some. So if you are in the Nashville area, Stitcher's Garden is a MUST see. Her address is 209 S. Royal Oaks Blvd., Franklin, TN.  I could have spent days in her store instead of the 30 minutes I allotted myself.